The Birth of Another Selenium-IDE Plugin – The Batch Converter

Moving to Selenium RC from Selenium IDE should be painless, right?

You can just select the test case and export it to the language you love. Really simple.

  1. Click on the test case
  2. Click on the File menu
  3. Wait on Export Test Case as
  4. Click on the desired format
  5. Type in the filename
  6. Click on the save button

If you have been using Selenium IDE heavily and already have a few suites each with about a dozen or more test cases, and fearing the move to Selenium RC. You won’t have to fear it for much longer. 🙂

How it came to be? Some people don’t mind manual labour, I do. I prefer to be efficient. 🙂 That means, I want to reuse as much code as possible, get things done without having to repeatedly do a sequence of items and not to be bothered with needless prompts. What started as a dirty patch to the Selenium IDE quickly evolved into a User Extension that I came to depend on.

I recently had reason to revisit this area and I decided to bundle the old code into a plugin after polishing it a bit. Ta Dah! The batch converter will be out soon. It has been a great help to me, I have a feeling it will helps some others as well. Check back soon if you are interested.

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