File Logging (Selenium IDE) Plug-in Roadmap

Currently, the roadmap is really simple and consists of the following three items:

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Usability improvements
  3. Refactoring for reducing technical debt

There is also the following known issue:

  • An overwrite prompt is incorrectly shown when choosing an existing file as the log file. Log files are never overwritten and will always be appended to. So you can safely ignore the prompt and select yes.

I believe that file based logging should be an integral part of all test runners and hope that this plug-in is not required for too long.

Update: New version (v1.6) is now available. See the post about it.

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12 Responses to File Logging (Selenium IDE) Plug-in Roadmap

  1. Dhruba says:


    This plugin work for me. Thanks a lot. Is there any way in Selenium IDE so that I can write the output of the echo command to a log file, instead of printing it in the console. Using the File Logging (Selenium IDE) Plug-in I am able to save the Selenium IDE logs
    to a file, but it contains all the information which is not very easy to understand especially when I run multiple test cases. If such feature is not available could you please include it in your next version of the plugin.


    • Hi Dhruba,

      Here is an easy way of how you can achieve the same using the File Logging plugin without requiring any changes to Selenium IDE or the plugin.

      Run the following command (replace the logfile with the full path of your log file):
      grep “^\[info\] echo” logfile

      If you are using windows you can get a version of grep from
      Make sure you extract the main zip and the dependencies zip in the same folder first.


  2. Anthony says:

    configuration : Selenium IDE 0.8.2 + FF

    When i look the Add-ons status, File logging status is “Requires additional items”.
    So i might guess this plug-ins work higher Selenium IDE Version.


    • Hi Anthony,

      You would indeed need a later version of the Selenium IDE. At least version 1.4.0, but always good to have the latest version. Drop me a comment if you are still facing any problems after the upgrade.


  3. Vincent says:

    first, nice job !!!
    I have a little problem with the filelogging, I must regain the log file each time I connect to firefox. Is this normal?
    Thanks a lot

  4. Hi Vincent,

    Thank you. I am not sure I understand your query. Can you explain a bit more in detail? Did you mean that the log file name needs to be set every time to start Selenium IDE?


  5. Hi Vincent,

    That is indeed correct. The new version expected in a week or two should remember the log file name after you restart firefox.


  6. Vincent says:

    Super cool, thank you very much.


  7. Ryan says:

    I have a question about your File Logging and Stored Variables Viewer plugins for Selenium IDE. Is it possible for these to plugins to communicate with each other. I have a problem that i’m trying to work out. I’m using Selenium to run through a test suite. Each test in the suite submits a form on the website i am testing. (the point of this particular test suite is to test and make sure all the forms on the website are submitting correctly) I am storing a Confirmation ID on each confirmation page using the Stored Variables Viewer plugin. Before i got that plugin i was echoing out that Confirmation ID to the log pane and using the File Logging plugin to save the log. My problem is that the File Logging plugin saves everything in the log pane, which makes it a little difficult to find the echoed Confirmation IDs. The Stored Variables Viewer is a lot easier to read but then you can’t save that information automatically…you’d have to copy and paste it into notepad or word. Is there a way to get the best of both of these features to connect with each other? I would love an enhancement to the Stored Variables Viewer that would automatically save itself like the File Logging plugin. Is that possible? I really appreciate any advice or feedback you can provide on this. Thanks!

    – Ryan

    • Samit Badle says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I moved your comment here, which is a more appropriate place for your comment. It would be possible in some future version of the stored variable viewer plugin to save the variables to a file. It is not high on the priority list though. In the meanwhile, you can use the power of the grep command to help you out. First echo the confirmation id with a prefix like conf id. and then use the grep command like (replace the logfile with the full path of your log file):

      grep “^\[info\] echo conf id” logfile

      I hope you get the general idea, see some of my earlier comments for more details about grep and get to know it. It is a powerful tool. Let me know if it helped.


      • Ryan says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! Yea, i saw your post earlier about grep. That had me researching it (i have never used grep before). I found a program for windows called Windows Grep. Works well enough to get the job done. I’ll be keeping up with the updates to the Stored Variable Viewer plugin as well just in case it happens to make it in there sometime. 😉

        Thanks again Samit,

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